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On Tour de Serbie – 25 teams

On the 53rd cycling Tour de Serbie, which is going to be held from the 11th to the 16th of June, on the 840 km long route devided in 6 stages, more than 125 cyclist from 25 teams will start the race. Participants are coming from all over the world, from Japan to Argentina – it is said on press conference in Touristic organization of Serbia. Serbia team will participate in next squad Dejan Maric (Radnicki, Kragujevac ), Gabor Kasa (Spartak, Subotica), Milos Borisavljevic (CCN Metalac), Marko Danilovic and Jovan Zekavica (Borac, Cacak), as well as 3 serbian clubs Borac (Cacak), Zeleznicar MBN (Nis) and Radnicki (Kragujevac) with very good teams.

„This is one of the youngest selections, that have ever started on Tour de Serbie, with riders who are from 18 to 24 years old“ it was written in letter from Mitrovo Polje, send by Radisa Cubric, selector of Serbian national team. „We wanted to return a spirit of national team and we have managed to make it good selection this year“, was also in the letter. In the quest for UCI points there will be and Ivan Stevic, Serbian national team captain, this time in jersey of Romanian professional team Tusnad. Tours’ sport director, Aleksandar Suki Milenkovic, the triple Olympic participant, had fallen on the race “Belgrade – Cacak” held on the 11th of May and broke femur. Tour director, Ljubomir Zivanovic, in name of all participants in organization wished him fast and successful recovery and brought up some details regarding to sport teams: “For the very first time we will have teams from Israel, also we have accepted 2 teams from Bulgaria and Germany. We have teams from Japan, Argentina, Greece, Romania, Norway, Hungary, Czech Republic, France, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Denmark, Turkey, Netherlands, Poland and Bosnia and Hercegovina”. On this Tour there want be any hills, but race will be fast and dynamic.

Tour was supported by Ministry of youth and sport Republic of Serbia, Ministry of finance and economy, Ministry of interior and JP “Putevi Srbije”. Sponsor of yellow jersey will be Western union and Sap, for blue jersey – hills’ finishes is Societe General bank, for green jersey – passing stops is Farmakom MB, on white jersey for best young riders it will be sign of Ministry of youth and sport Republic of Serbia. The official time keeper is Festina. This year, Coca cola with his brand Rosa water will be an official Tours’ drink. New friend of Tour is “Eurogas” from Subotica. Media sponsor is National broadcasting station RTS. Tour is ridden under the slogan „On the roads of Roman emperors“ in accordance with grand jublie of 1.700 years of singing the Edict of Milan. The president of Organizing commete, Goran Petkovic, State secretary in Ministry of finance and economy said that Tour has grand importance for reprezentation of Serbia in world. He said that Tours' rout will pass by Mediana, Feliks Romuliana, Viminacium, Tabula Traina, Sirmium, going on the very old road of romans' couriers. Also, he added that who has ever been in Serbia, it will come back and that they hope that after this Tour more toursit will visit this Roman route. Mirko Kantar, from Ministry of yout and Sport Rebuplic of Serbia said that Republic of Sebia has being supporting Tour in last 6 years with 16 milion dinars, and this year, it was invested 3 milion dinars and that they expect a great organization and succes of Serbian riders.

In the name of the cities – stages' hosts, Aleksandar Djokic from Pozarevac and Mirjana Markovic from Sremska Mitrovica, city where Emperor Constantin has his rezidency and place where Edict was brought, welcomed the prticipants and teams. Sports' director from Serbian Sport Union wished cyclists good weather, safe roads and best sport success. Gordana Plamenac, director of Touristic organization of Serbia said that last year in London, during announcement of 2013 year as year of the Edict of Milan, great attention was on “Tour de Serbie” and its’ route. She added that Tour is the best way of combining sport, culture, history and tourism in one big promotion of our country. President of Cycling Union of Serbia, Branko Banovic, emphasized that on this Tour it will start creation of Serbia Olympic team for Rio 2016. Also, he said that they have made a team that will on our strongest race made a rehearsal for Mediterranean games, which will be held from the 20th to the 30th of June in Turkey. There, they will have a strong rivals from Germans’ teams to Astana from Kazakhstan. Also, winner of HC “President tour” Mustafa Sayar will be in Turkey national team and Balkans’ winner and the third on “Tour of Iran” Recep Unalan will participate. For Bulgarian national team will ride a winner of “Around Bulgaria 2007”, Evgeni Gerganov, who rides for Danish Concordia, Sasko Bank, Tinkof... It will be very uncertain race with small time differences. Marina Matkovic from BPM, company that represent Festina, announced that it was made a special watch, modeled on „Tour de France“, „Giro di Italia“ and „La Vuelta“, that will have sign of „Tour de Serbie“. All winners on all stages will get one of this unique watches and soon after the race it will be marketed.



Press conference for the 53rd Tour de Serbie

Belgrade, 18th of April 2013., in the quarters of Touristic organization of Serbia it was held a press conference for the 53rd Tour de Serbie.

-This years’ Tour will be ridden with slogan “Tourism, culture and cycling together” in celebration of big jubilee “1700 years of proclamation of the Edict of Milan”- said Goran Petkovic, State secretary for tourism in Ministry of finance and economy and president of Tours’ organizing committee.
Tour starts in Nis – Naisus, where is beautiful Mediana, than caravan will pass next to Felix Romuliana in Bor, “Tabula Traiana” in Kladovo, Viminacium next to the Pozarevac, Sirmium in Sremska Mitrovica, which was Constantines’ capital city in time when Edict was made, and finish in Singidunum, Belgrade.

Representatives of cities, host stages, also were on the press conference – Milan Pesic from Nis, Aleksandar Milikic from Bor, Predrag Djurdjevic from Kladovo, Aleksandar Djokic from Pozarevac and Ilija Nedic from Sremska Mitrovica. They have spoken about Tours’ significance for sport and touristic representation of these cities and Serbia in the world, as well of preparations for the Tours’ caravan with its’ 380 participants.

Director of the Tour, Aleksandar Milenkovic, said that the list of the teams is listed to 25 with 5 vehicles, in ordered to increase the number of teams. The structure is diversified, from teams form Japan to the Vatican:

We have applicants from Austria, Greece, Netherlands, England, Japan, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Norway, Hungary, Paraguay, Czech Republic, Ukraina, Belgum, Germany, Croatia, Israel, Turkey, Poland, USD, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, BIH… Ten days before the Tour we will know all final structures of teams and have a realistic insight for the favorites. If nothing changes we will have on the start former pro-tour rider, Patrick Sinkevich, German in Croatia team Meridiana, who rode in Telecom, Quick Step, Mapei and Tour and Vuelta Espana. Germans bring great riders, winners of Olympic and World championship medals, Bart and Bomel. There will be some national selections with good riders. From Serbia we anticipate attendance of great team from Kragujevac, Radnicki and 2 more selections.

General media sponsor is National broadcasting agency, RTS, and numerous local media and TV stations will follow the Tour.


Awarding annual prizes for the best reporters.

Proclamation ceremony for Athlete of the Year award and the annual awards the most successful journalists. The ceremony was organized by the Sports Journalists' Association of Serbia. The award for "Publishing Project of the Year" was presented to the authors of the monograph "From the first to the fifty-first Tour de Serbie" Alexander CVEJIĆ, Branimir Vasic and Zivko BALJKAS. On behalf of the cycling race Tour of Serbia recognition was race director, Ljubomir Zivanovic.




Trophy was awarded to the City of Belgrade for
the best city to host 52nd race "Tour of Serbia"

Delegation of the "Tour of Serbia" presented the trophy for the best city to host 52nd race "Tour of Serbia", held from 12 to 17 June this year. Trophy was handed by race director Ljubomir Zivanovic and sport director Aleksandar Milenkovic, and on behalf of the trophy he received Aco Kovacevic, City Secretary of Youth and Sports.
- Race "Tour of Serbia" makes a lot of affirmation to Serbian cycling and sports, as well as the cities through which it passes - said Kovacevic Aco gratitude for the recognition. - One of the oldest sporting event in Serbia and the quality of the organization and to shoulder the largest European races that rank. Belgrade will continue to help organzation of the race "Tour of Serbia" to preserve reputation in the world.

Ljubomir Zivanovic said that the cooperation between Belgrade and the organizers of the "Tour of Serbia" takes more than 70 years, with the first held in 1939:
- Belgrade is one of the host cities that is recorder in the history of the race, "Tour of Serbia". As many as 35 occasions the participants and because of that tradition and extraordinary cooperation with the leaders of the city and the Secretariat for Sports and Youth, three years ago, the Organizing Committee has decided that in future the goal is always the race - Belgrade. Time to honor Belgrade as the capital of Serbia, but it's thanks to our friends from the sports city structures on long valuable support and assistance.

To Belgrade this is the first time that the best host city to stage the race, "Tour of Serbia". Vranje has three titles (2004, 2005., And 2006) and one Leskovac (2002), Pozarevac (2003), Soko Banja (2007), Kragujevac (2008), Zajecar (2009), Pale (2010) and Niš (2011). This award was introduced in 2002.

Ljubomir Zivanovic was announced and 53 race "Tour of Serbia" 2013 which will drive under the slogan "Cycling - Culture - Tourism - Roads of Roman Emperors", a 1,700-year mark "Edict of Milan". Start on 11 June in Nis and will go on the trail of some 1,000 miles in six stages through Pine, Kladovo, Pozarevac, Sremska Mitrovica and the goal is in Belgrade.